Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (SRIPT), as a subsidiary research facility of SINOPEC, has experienced many challenges in its efforts to develop and commercialize its proprietary petrochemical technologies since its establishment in May 1960, when it was one of the earliest research institutes established for the development of China's petrochemical technology. In particular, since it became a subsidiary of SINOPEC Corp. in 1984, SRIPT has considerably achieved the progress and improvement in its R&D capabilities and facilities, and consequently become one of the important research centers for advancing China's petrochemical industry as well as SINOPEC Corp's petrochemical development and technology innovation. Frankly speaking, the support of our customers, the contribution significantly made by our employees and SINOPEC Corp.'s sustainable R&D policy have made SRIPT successfully accomplish great achievements in the olefins and aromatics-oriented technologies, such as ammoxidation of propylene to acrylonitrile, toluene disproportionation and transalkylation to xylenes, ethylbenzene dehydrogenation to styrene, acetoxylation of ethylene to vinyl acetate, hydropurification of terephthalic acid, hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline, vapor-phase alkylation of benzene to ethylbenzene and catalytic distillation for MTBE etc.   
  Over 45 years, our core value of “hard-working, truth-seeking, co-operation and knowledge innovation” has long encouraged our employees to dedicate their efforts not only to the commercial development of the above-mentioned technologies, but also to the fundamental research project of the 973 National Project on Key Basic Research Program (the 973 Program). In order to further enhance our R&D strengths, we have strategically planned two research sites (one is the current research site still situated in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai; the other the chemical engineering & process development site in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, which is under construction). Our goal is to build SRIPT into an innovative & competitive research center for delivering more benefits to our customers worldwide with our expertise and know-how.



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